Sunday, January 30, 2005, 1:57 PM

Support for Anonymity

The support of anonymity (anonymous personas) should be one of the principles of identity systems design (aka Laws of Identity).

You might know that you have had a set of digital interactions with the same entity, but being anonymous means that you do not know who that entity is in real life. Strong digital identity is not in conflict with anonymity. Identity systems that do not support anonymity will have a harder time being adopted in the public domain.

A furthur requirement is that you should be able to choose not to interact with anonymous personas, just like you can choose not to receive phone calls with blocked caller-ID's.

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Blogger yale said...

This is a very good point indeed. I would say not anonymity but privacy. Transparent yet aware privacy when identity system reveals only the necessary minimum of user’s identity based on desired level from full disclosure up to complete anonymity. For all parties.

10:24 PM  

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