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Noted. Somehow, I missed the chatter about Kim Cameron's work at Microsoft on InfoCards:

o Microsoft's Kim Cameron outlines Infocard, new federated identity initiative, Alex Barnett
o Who Am I? Who Are You?, Marcus Lasance
o Kim Cameron's Infocard project, Scott Mace
o ITConversations with Kim Cameron, Scott Mace
o Introducing the "Longhorn" Identity System [PowerPoint]. Stuart Kwan, Microsoft [Updated: March 3; found via Johannes Ernst's blog.]

These InfoCards, on the surface, seems to me similar to Light-weight IDentity (LID).

Updated (March 30 & 31, 2005):
o Phil Becker, Microsoft Leaks Identity - Is Info Cards a Good Thing? (
o, Microsoft Info-Cards = CMI? (
o Stefan Brands, Microsoft info-cards to use blind signatures? (
o Ina Fried, Longhorn could be tough sell for Microsoft (
o Dick Hardt, Info-card rumors (
o Eric Norlin, Time to get Personal (literally) (
o Red Herring, Microsoft's security card (
o Jim Wagner, Microsoft Said to Have New Security Plans (

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Blogger Johannes Ernst said...

There are definitely similarities in philosophy between InfoCard and LID. I felt the same way the first time I heard about it.

There are also some substantial differences. E.g the "on-line query" nature of LID rather than the signing of "passive data". The use of a http/s URL as the user's identifier, rather than the user's e-mail address. The very simplicity of LID. And of course, LID's openness in terms of extending the supported vocabularies, availability of code etc.

I'd like to learn more about InfoCard, but somehow little information of substance seems to be out there. I also wonder what its status is now, given that WinFS doesn't seem to be (any time soon at least).

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