Wednesday, February 09, 2005, 7:28 AM

Kim's Seventh "Law" of Identity?

One quick first reaction to Kim Cameron's recently posted Seventh "Law" of Identity ( -- it's too long!

7. Harmonious Contextual Autonomy: The unifying identity metasystem MUST facilitate negotiation between relying party and user of the specific identity and its associated encoding such that the unifying system presents a harmonious technical and human interface while permitting the autonomy of identity in different contexts.


Kim: You need to cut the number of words in half. It's a 41 word sentence!

This might seem a frivolous reaction, but it is my experience that fundamental stuff can be expressed simply. If it is difficult to express simply, then it is probably not fundamental ... and thus, shouldn't be a "law" or a principle. It should be broken down to it's component ideas.

I read #7 several times, and I still am having problems trying to understand it. I suspect the problem is not with the language but with the complexity of the idea.

Update (February 10, 2005):
Hey, this blogging thing works ... people respond... Kim's is in P. T. Ong exhausted by 7th Law ( and The Seventh Law of Identity -- Overnamed (

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