Wednesday, May 18, 2005, 1:10 AM

DIDW 2005 Links

Noted. There are a number of people who have written events at Digital Identity World 2005 last week. I thought it would be useful to collect them in one place:
Phil BeckerChange Waves and the Digital ID World 2005 Conference
Don BowenMy famous friend, Pat!
Kim CameronJamie on the Asphalt metaphor
Chris CeppiDIDW Notes
Johannes ErnstWhat is Microsoft InfoCard?
Dan FarberMicrosoft's enlightened identity metasystem
Dan FarberDigital identity with a capital 'I'
Dan FarberConverging federation standards?
Steve GillmorSomething in the Air
Timothy GraysonFare thee well DIDW
Kaliya HamlinIdentity Commons and Persistent Digital Identity
Kaliya HamlinDoc's Possy - Identity Gang On Stage
Kaliya HamlinMicrosoft's Presentation @ DIDW
Kaliya HamlinDick on Identity 2.0
Kaliya HamlinIdentity Gang Meeting - links and last 1/2 summary
Chris JablonskiJamie Lewis on the future of identity management
Scott MaceDIDW 2005: Kim Cameron's 7 laws of identity
Drummond ReedKey talks at DIDW 2005
Tom SandersMicrosoft calls for online identity overhaul
Doc SearlsDIDW retrospectives (MORE LINKS HERE!)
Silicon Valley SleuthMicrosoft: your new best friend for online identities
James van KesselClosing Session - Summing It Up, Doc Searls (Linux Journal)!1pqEVRpKSYYbjvBgwmt75xIg!132.entry
Mark WahlDigital ID World 2005, day 1
Mark WahlDigital ID World 2005, day 2
There is also a collection of the presentations at

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