Monday, May 02, 2005, 9:49 AM

Four More Laws

Noted. In Four More Laws of Identity, Fen Labalme would add four more laws to Kim Cameron's initial seven laws of identity.
8. Freedom
The entity (often a person) using an online digital identity system must be in total control of their information. This implies that not only the data but also the access protocols and authorization mechanisms must not be encumbered by someone else's (IP) rights, unless such restrictions were previously - and explicitly - agreed to.
9. Decentralization
An identity system should be decentralized.
10. Portability
Bridges must exist - or be straightforward to create - between identity systems so that users are not locked into a single provider.
11. Transparency
There should be a clear and (if desired) visible cause and effect relationship in all identity related transactions.
Fen's conclusion is similar to what Dave Kearns has been highlighting (in Is it time for the personal directory? and The need for a personal directory) -- that some form of personal directories or SuperProfiles are the way to go.

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