Thursday, May 12, 2005, 1:10 PM

Grayson's Observations on Themes in Identity

Noted. Tim Grayson continues to make good observations on digital identity. In Themes in Identity (or at least at Digital Identity World), Tim observes that the following themes:
o Long Tail -- the fact that there are lots of products that have low sales volume, but it could be profitable to target these segments.
o Emergence -- properties that evolve out of complex adaptive systems.
o Identity Vetting -- binding of identities to entities (typically a human).
o Loosely Coupled Systems -- as in David Weinberger's Small Pieces Loosely Joined.
were highlighted at DIDW. I would add the following ideas:
o Distributed Systems -- implied by Loosely coupled systems.
o End-Point Security -- how there is a realization in the market that every device needs to be locked down with strong identity. (See Evolution to Self-Secured Nodes.)
o Bottoms-Up -- building up global directories from pieces at the end-user or subdirectories.
o Metasystems -- a system that will give a global view of any significant set of identities will be a metasystem.
o Tipping point -- centers around the discussion of what it'll take for the next generation of digital identity to become the dominant system.
Update (May 12, 2005):
Tim had more to say in DIDW theme update:
o Liability -- i.e. people are starting to realize the that federation is not just a technology issue. See Federation Won't Mean World Peace.
o Enterprise vs Social Identity -- realization that businesses and social circles need very different privacy needs. I wrote about this in Information Dogma.
o Rising Out of the Weeds -- convergence on understanding on scope of the problem.

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