Monday, May 16, 2005, 3:52 PM

More on InfoCards

Noted. Last week, Digital Identity World was a hot place for revelations on Microsoft's/Kim's InfoCard. Here are a few links to articles and postings:

Phil BeckerMicrosoft Leaks Identity - Is Info Cards a Good Thing?
Kim CameronSteve Gillmore; John Fontana on the Identity Metasystem; 'Enlightened' Identity Metasystem
Kim CameronFast Forward to InfoCards
Mark G. DixonPutting Rubber on the Identity Management Road
Johannes ErnstWhat is Microsoft InfoCard?
Joris EversMicrosoft to flash Windows ID cards
Dan FarberMicrosoft's enlightened identity metasystem
John FontanaMicrosoft sells ID mgmt. plan
Steve GillmoreSomething in the Air
Dave KearnsInfoCard Info
Hubert Le Van GongMicrosoft's InfoCard
MicrosoftMicrosoft's Vision for an Identity Metasystem
Mike RowehlInfoCard

And here's an old post of mine:

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