Friday, September 02, 2005, 12:49 PM

Stupid Users?!

Valerie Steeves has just posted an article about he observations at the World Summit on the Information Society meeting on cybersecurity. She expressed concern about how a certain European delegate said, "It’s the stupid users. If we could just get them to use the technology properly, then we wouldn’t have a problem."

I've been reading Tom Peter's recent book(let) on Design. When talking about technology (and every tool we use was at some point "technology"), we tend to blame the user when problems come up. In reality, most of these problems are becuase the technology was not designed for the parameters of human capability.

For example, as I like to say, there is an impedence mismatch between digital security requirements and human brains. Specifically, human brains are not configured to remember and precisely reproduce many sequences of complex symbols -- so we should not be surprised when we discover that passwords (managed by humans) are one of the weakest links in computer security.

Valerie went on to talk about how people use the need for security as a way to justify compromising privacy of end-users. I agree. It is all too tempting to "solve" problems using brute force.

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