Monday, August 28, 2006, 10:11 PM

OpenSSO Available

Noted. I was browsing through Pat Patterson's blog and noticed his posting on the release of OpenSSO. OpenSSO source code, released on August 17, 2006, is now available at

The cost of deploying backend-based SSO systems has traditionally not been in the cost of the software itself. Netegrity (now CA) and Oblix (now Oracle) both had technology similar to OpenSSO. The biggest challenge in rolling out these systems is that you had to integrate it to the backend servers, resulting in very slow deployment projects. It also meant that most companies couldn't really achieve Single Sign-On. Hence, the term Reduced Sign-On (RSO) was born.

I'm unclear as to how OpenSSO will affect the industry. What do you think?

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Blogger Superpat said...

I don't think that cost is a major factor. For one thing, I don't think many customers would deploy an SSO/RSO solution without support from somewhere.

Increased availability (of binaries) might lead to more folks evaluating OpenSSO than might evaluate a closed source alternative. Source code availability might lead government customers in particular to consider OpenSSO (it's like code escrow without the lawyers). Visibility of the source code might lead SIs and ISVs to use OpenSSO as a base for further innovation.

There are many reasons why I think that open source is a good thing for this product - reduced cost isn't one of them.

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